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Dr. Jennifer Dustow

It is Dr. Dustow’s personal mission to assist children in learning and growth in a safe environment. Her research-based approach allows her to reach into the worlds of children and plug them back in so they can actively participate in the world around them. It is her passion to help children and to ensure that each child is treated as an individual, possessing unique abilities that should never be overlooked.

Dr. Dustow is a Cognitive Behavioral Learning Specialist. She is the founder and director of the nonprofit Cornerstone Educational Preschool, which offers virtual classes to preschool-age children from a fully equipped classroom in Lanai City, Hawaii. Her child-centered curriculum is based on her scientific, published research findings in the field of autism.

Through her private practice, Dr. Dustow works with families and

Dr. Jennifer Dustow, globally recognized autism specialist

caregivers in individual consultations. She also provides professional support in maintaining academic awareness, facilitating tactical team approaches, achieving school accreditation, and designing behavioral strategies for children of all ages. 

Additionally, she has worked with students in adolescent day treatment programs to provide services for individuals medically classified as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Conduct Disorder, Autism Spectrum, Oppositional Defiant, Impulse Control, Specific Learning Disability (SLD), as well as unclassified behavior and emotional disorders. 

Dr. Dustow believes in a collaborative stance with the child’s family members, Department of Education personnel, treatment team members, referral sources, along with other community providers to achieve functional outcomes.


She holds a Doctoral of Education from Argosy University and is active in the community, volunteering her skills to:

  • The Suicide & Crisis Center

  • Helping Hands Hawaii

  • The Salvation Army 

  • Family Treatment Services (Kula Kokua School)

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Committee, Hawaii Branch (Board member since 2005)

Published Works
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