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The benefits of getting both parts of your brain working together can happen with just a few midline exercises that are easy and only take a few minutes.

Hannah, a youth in Lanai City, Hawaii

Let's Get Started

Midline Exercises (MLE)

By practicing several simple exercises, we can help the left and right sides of our brain work and communicate better. These exercises were created as a result of Dr. Dustow's research, which has enabled children and adults of all ages to improve focus within minutes. Perfect for an office setting, classroom or at home.

Classes & Consultations

Dr. Dustow offers virtual classes for preschool-age children on the autism spectrum through the nonprofit Cornerstone Educational Preschool, as well as private, individual video and phone consultations for youth, families and their support team. Custom plans are designed around your needs following an initial discussion. 

In the Classroom

Dr. Dustow's techniques are being used in a variety of classroom settings to help improve focus and learning for all students. She provides step-by-step training for educators on how to implement midline exercises (MLE) and tailor them to the unique needs of each class. Her book "Embracing Calmness" provides an easy-to-understand MLE framework, specially designed for any experience level.  

Embracing Calmness, a book by Dr. Jennifer Dustow
Dr. Jennifer Dustow
Dr. Jennifer Dustow, globally recognized autism specialist

Dr. Dustow is a Cognitive Behavioral Learning Specialist who is globally recognized for her work and research in the field of autism. She is the founder and director of the nonprofit Cornerstone Educational Preschool. She is also the author of the book "Embracing Calmness," which is the result of her extensive scientifically published research on midline exercises (MLE). Dr. Dustow's approach focuses on communication, social interaction and creative or imaginative play – the three crucial areas of child development that autism appears to greatly impair. She holds a Doctoral in Education from Argosy University and has worked extensively with hundreds of clients around the world over the past two decades. Her research has been published in nearly 30 languages. 


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